Our investment advisory team has established a reputation for being at the forefront of real estate investment trends and opportunities.

Besides investment sales, we provide transaction advice on asset utilisation and optimisation, market analysis and portfolio management, which includes developing strategic business plans to secure better returns on our client’s assets. In addition, we possess a strong track record in the planning, marketing and closing of collective sale projects.  

  • Over SGD 1bn worth of properties transacted in 2017
  • Established a reputation for advising some of Southeast Asia’s most significant investment deals
  • Some of our recent en bloc transactions include:

- Citimac (one of the largest B1 industrial sites in Singapore, transacted at SGD 430.1 million)

- Royalville (SGD 477.9 million)

- Changi Garden (SGD 248.8 million)

- Crystal Tower (SGD 180.6 million)

- Tai Wah Building (SGD 84.8 million)

- Elite Building (SGD 52 million)